Crafting in the time of Corona

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I have had the above print by Mary Engelbreit hanging in my home office/craft space for a while now.  I always find that focusing on a craft project helps my brain reset from lawyer mommy life.  If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know that in an attempt to keep myself sane, I am challenging myself to make a greeting card a day and send them to friends to communicate from afar.  It’s a win win since I get my creative energy flowing (and a sudden validation for my hoard of craft supplies) and the friend I send it to gets a lovely surprise.  Several friends who received theirs this week have already told me it made their week in this time of social distancing.  The other benefit of a card is that it’s the type of project that can fill as much or as little time as you want.  If you just want to do a quick card with a single stamp, you can totally do something clean and simple.  Or, if you have a bit more time, you can layer stamps and inks to your heart’s content.  Either way, you get the satisfaction of completing a project in one sitting!

And now here is my gallery of cards so far since I started this goal for myself on March 16th. Click on the image to go to a page that has details of the products used to make each card.  These are relatively straightforward one layer cards but if you have questions about how to re-create them for yourself, please feel free to comment:

Mind you, my house is a total mess and I am on the roller coaster of emotions that come with working full time from home while also taking care of my 10, 4, and 41 year olds and just being stressed about well, the whole world at this point.  But a card a day is keeping the blues away (well perhaps just barely, but with wine thrown in is doing a decent job).  Hope everyone is hanging in there dealing with this new normal and trying to stay healthy!  I hope I have inspired you to make and/or send a card or two.  If you aren’t feeling creative, Hallmark is even giving away cards!  With Passover a week away, hoping to create some Passover greetings this week!  Stay tuned. I’ll be posting on IG as the mood strikes but will circle back here for card details and a recap!


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