And the countdown begins…

Hanukkah 2020 Countdown Calendar…to inauguration day! Well actually to Hanukkah but I’m pretty excited about inauguration day too to be honest. 2020 has been a *very* long year, to say the least. But with Halloween behind us and the arrival of the dark and cold, it’s time to start thinking about the beautiful light that is Hanukkah! While my blog may be a bit neglected these days (my Instagram is more alive), my crafting continues to keep me sane. Since it has become a yearly tradition, I had to create this year’s countdown calendar for everyone who wants something to celebrate along the way. I decided it was time for a change so I found some absolutely adorable sketch-tastic Hanukkah graphics for this year’s calendar.  I’m quite excited at how it turned out.

I also decided the stickers needed a little something extra this year and while of course you are always free to use whatever stickers you have around the house or just have your kids color in the days, I am pretty excited about the graphics for this year’s stickers.  There are three challah stickers to use for Shabbat or whenever the mood strikes since let’s be honest, I eat challah whenever it is in my kitchen and not just on Shabbat.  Of course there are latkes and sufganiyot as well – like I said, these graphics are fab. There is also one that says “Send Cards” to remind you to get those holiday cards in the mail.  And the best part, I printed mine on Silhouette glitter sticker paper this year because as I always tell people, glitter is my favorite color!  Nothing fancy to cut these out – since they are in an easy grid I used a papercutter but scissors would work just fine too.  You could also just print on paper and apply with tape or glue.  There is not just any one way to count down.  I still fondly remember the whiskey-a-day Hanukkah treats I made my husband one year.

With Hanukkah less than a month away, I’ve already ordered new Hanukkah PJs for all of us, our dog too!  I even found a really fun “ugly Hanukkah sweater” for my tween son. Hoping I will manage a little more “me” time to share some Hanukkah décor and maybe some cards, etc. if not some throwback projects at least.  I’ve already started decorating here since we are home so much right now, a little change is necessary.

What have you done to get ready for Hanukkah so far?

Click on the image above to download your own printable PDF of the Hanukkah Countdown Calendar. For personal use only. © Made by Mamaleh 2020

Click on the image above to download your own printable PDF of the Hanukkah Countdown Calendar Stickers. For personal use only. © Made by Mamaleh 2020

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