Happy Mother’s Day to my mamaleh!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamalehs and bubbes and tantes out there!  Today I wanted to share with you the gift I made for my mom.  Before I had my son Avi (almost 3 years ago), I was an avid jewelry-maker and even sold my jewelry but sadly it’s something I’ve done very little of in the last few years, in part because tools and small pieces do not mix well with babies/toddlers.  My mom has been wanting a new gabrielle renee bracelet for a while now and I’ve also been saving this beautiful star toggle for just the right occasion so I figured it was time to get creative.  So, using amethyst briolettes, mini apatite rondelles and sterling silver chain and wire, I created this: 

A simple, chic piece with a very subtle Jewish touch.  I love how it turned out and hope my mom likes it!  I may have to find some more of those star toggles… What did you get for Mother’s day, mamalehs?