A Winner!

It’s been really busy around here lately so sorry for being so slow to post a winner to the Ima Design Store Passover onesie giveaway. Using a random.org, the winner is #1 dkny who has a brand new grandson who I bet is going to look absolutely adorable in his new onesie.

I am hoping for some crafting this weekend and some Passover projects to share (even if they are oldies to me but new to you!),  if nothing else maybe a little recap from the super fun sewing bootcamp a friend and I are taking at Made Sewing Studio in Seattle.   We started a couple of weeks ago and it’s just a fabulous local spot with a great teacher. 🙂

Candy Filled Martini Glass centerpiece

For now, I will leave you with one of the centerpieces I did with a friend for our big synagogue auction last Sunday.  The theme was a BIG celebration of us.  So, we got these fabulous giant martini glasses and then filled them with a little clear cellophane for height before filling them with a variety of purple and orange candies, some wrapped, some not.  We tried to keep each one to a single color profile for that trendy candy buffet look.  My favorite looks-wise were the ones we filled with rock candy pops because they had a really cool shadow effect on the tables (though not as exciting to eat as chocolate).  Also, to have it look more full and have a bit more height, it needed a bit more than just the pops so we used orange m&ms and grape jelly beans at the base to cover the cellophane.  They were a lot of fun!  Finally to finish out the tables, the centerpieces were surrounded by a variety of Glassy Baby candles (which not only looked fantastic but which offer a great deal for non-profits).  It meant I finally got a glassy baby which I have been wanting for forever!

More soon!  Shabbat Shalom!

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