New Year Cards!

You know how folks typically get half-way through January guilt-ridden with having failed to send holiday cards? Well , that’s me this month of Tishrei. But, just like the fact you pretty much have all of January to say Happy New Year, the same goes for Tishrei and the entire period of time between Rosh Hashanah and Simchat Torah (and then some).

My friend Jona and I sat down with our kids well before the holidays started to make a few cards and I even managed to come home and finish mine which have now sat in a nice little stack since then.  🙂 Here was the scene in our kid-card-making chaos:

For my grown-up cards, I went with a honey theme and simple design with a little depth thanks to pop-up foam squares.  With any luck, I’ll actually get them in the mail this weekend.

Handstamped Rosh Hashanah card

Hand-stamped Rosh Hashanah Card
Honeycomb stamp by Impress; bee, beehive and L’Shanah Tova stamps by A Muse Art Stamps (retired)
Hand-stamped Rosh Hashanah Card
 Honeybear stamp by MOMR (Museum of Modern Rubber)

Did you make or send new year cards this year?  Before I go, I just have to share with you Maggie’s brilliant idea for one of her cards.

I love it!

Shanah Tova! And, Happy World Card Making Day (today)!

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