Goodie Bags for the New Year!

So, as often happens to me during my Target shopping trips, I ended up getting inspired in the dollar section!  To start, they had these adorable felt apple bags (they also had some other fall shapes but obviously the apple cried out Rosh Hashanah).

Rosh Hashanah Kid Treats

Then I started to ponder what I might put inside…I decided on some squeeze applesauce, a big favorite in our house and great for a quick and easy kid snack.  Next, I noticed these cute apple notebooks in the dollar section, perfect for a pre-dinner doodle.  I treated myself to some new alphabet stamps at Target (part of the special collection from the Curiosity Shoppe and a great deal at $10 since they include numbers, symbols and 3 colors of ink) and my son helped me stamp everyone’s names on the notebooks.

Rosh Hashanah Kid Goodie Bags

Next I headed back to the party section for a bulk pack of crayons (8 4-packs for $2) so the kids all had something to draw in their notebooks with.  Rosh Hashanah treats wouldn’t be complete without some honey and honey sticks are the least messy route.  I often order these from Amazon but managed to find some multi-flavor packs on sale at Whole Foods.

Rosh Hashanah Kid Treats

Finally, the goodie bags wouldn’t be complete without name tags.  Again, the dollar section didn’t disappoint with some cute apple/kraft tags in a 6 pack.  We just did these for a few of our friends but I think they’d be great at kids’ placesettings too – the perfect dinnertime distraction.

Rosh Hashanah Treat Bags for Kids

No kids at your high holiday table but need a little hostess gift?  The $ section has you covered too.  Pick up one of these cute little metal apple pails, add some shredded kraft paper, a honey bear (this one is blackberry honey!) and a gift tag and there you go, a sweet new year treat!

Rosh Hashanah honey gift

May your new year be sweet!  Shana Tova!

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