Stitch n’ Pitch!

Today’s blog post is sort of crafty daydream as I lay in bed with terrible summer allergies (and maybe a little cold mixed in) that managed to land me a prescription yesterday for not just one, but two inhalers!  It’s quite frustrating to be feeling so crummy since I have way too many creative irons in the fire – centerpieces, seating cards and other decor for a friend’s wedding next weekend – and on top of that we are getting ready to finally redo my craft room/guest room and I have to pack everything up.  Crafting while also trying to pack stuff away is really tricky!  But, I am super excited about the room and can’t wait to share the progress with you once we get going.  For now, I am just busy pinning all of my craft room inspiration for later.

Stitch n Pitch 2012

Thursday night (in spite of my stupid allergies), I had the pleasure of joining two of my good knitter friends at the Seattle Mariner’s 8th Annual Stitch n’ Pitch.  It’s the one night a year when Safeco Field becomes a knitter’s paradise with tons of local yarn shops and knitters. (As a side note, this was my second visit to Safeco this week – I was there on Saturday for the Inaugural Refuse to Abuse 5K to support the Washington Coalition Against Domestic Violence – and the course was inside the stadium so two totally non-traditional baseball stadium visits in one week, craziness!)  Anyway, it’s quite a sight to see all the yarn shops and knitters inside the stadium.  And there’s no shortage of fun ideas from all the shops.   This is where I got into trouble.  After seeing this beautiful wine-colored Sea Silk Yarn from Hand Maiden at the Fiber Gallery table, I made the mistake of showing my friends this hamsa scarf pattern I have been contemplating for months now:

Photo from Knitspot

And despite the fact that I was toting around the baby blanket that I started over 3 years ago, before my son was born, and it’s still only about halfway finished, and despite the fact that I kept saying I couldn’t buy any more craft supplies until my room was finished, I somehow found myself with this when I got home:

Hand Maiden Sea Silk

Ah well, like I said, a crafty daydream and a future aspiration.  I can’t wait to learn how to knit lace with Colleen’s expert help! Stitch n’ Pitch was a blast despite a mishap with my totally full glass of wine on deck – let’s just say a bird had really good aim! {You can see the photo I sent to my husband to prove that this really did happen to me – so gross!  Fortunately the kind bartender took pity on me and gave me a new one along with a giant lid.}   Pacific Fabrics has some great pics of the event up on their blog if you want to see some more.  I can’t wait to go again next year! Maybe I’ll even have finished my scarf 🙂

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