Shalom! Welcome!

This blog has been in the works for quite a while (probably since college when I said I wanted to be the Jewish “Martha”). I keep trying to find the perfect time to start and make everything just so but with a job, a toddler, a husband, doggies, a cold, you name it, the timing is never quite right. I figured why not NOW, for Passover! So, much like life, this is a work in progress so please bear with me as I set off on this journey. I promise to check back post-seders with some seder highlights including some fun toddler stuff to hopefully inspire you for next year (since I didn’t have it together to do it ahead!) Chag Sameach!

2 thoughts on “Shalom! Welcome!

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  2. Will definitely be following along as you build your Jewish Martha empire! Fantastic first couple of blog entries – you are inspriing me to start my own blog!

    Sending big hugs to you, hubby and son!

    xoxo Whit


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